Why Data World Limited


Performance, expertise and trust are at the core of our business. Through a combined 5 years of experience, we’ve built valuable relationships with key opinion leaders, which has led us to become both experts in the field and extremely knowledgeable of the regulatory landscape in Hong Kong. Our distribution network is secure, professional and thoroughly vetted.

To further reinforce our industry position, we’ve developed strong relationships with customers whom act as the industry watchdogs for trade and patent infringements. Our products are certified/licensed by many recognize authorization. Our portable "non-invasive vascular arteriosclerosis detector" was jointly invented and developed by some of the most famous institution in Japan, which are including Tokyo University, Tokyo Medical University, Yokohama National University, the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. B-CURE LASER Pro which is approved by the Olympic Association , the European Union and it received the Innovation Product Award at the MEDICA 2014 (International Medical Conference) in Israel Pavilion.


Small enough to sidestep red tape, big enough to provide world-class customer service and attention to detail; welcome to the Data World Limited ,as a licensed supplier of Hong Kong, we are focused on continually growing our product bases to support our customer’s growth.

The wealth of benefits we offer customers includes:
  • We have experience and worked with different types of client such as private clinics, elderly home and local hospitals.
  • Delivering innovative professional products , concepts and solutions for health care. These concepts must contribute in improving the quality of care for patients and professionals.
  • We are also a master in distributor and often offering partnership with other potential suppliers. 
  • We have the ability to offer credit terms to customers to allow for growth.
  • We are capable of providing technical support and on-the-job training overseen by a full time professional.
Why Data World LimitedWhy Data World Limited