Data World Limited is a Hong Kong based commercial partners in healthcare operating for almost five years, we work closely with healthcare providers both locally and internationally. Partners includes community and specialty hospitals, community health centers and specialist channels. Leveraging outstanding customer provision and existing business relationships, we represents a select group of the world's top healthcare supply companies.

Relationships that Endures 
Represents a select group of the world's top healthcare supply companies. a strong believer in collaboration and partnership, and is proud to be associated with world suppliers and partners who are involved in our market and work closely with us to develop and support our clients.

Mission and Value 
We represent global best quality health care product at an affordable price, to provide a world-class representation and distribution services to global medical manufacturers via unparalleled relationships and distribution channels throughout Asia.

Opportunities That Empower 
Working closely with you to develop and execute strategic campaigns to help you build a strong brand and distribute your products across the country. We are frequently looking for new products and concepts which meet the desires of our clienteles.